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Teaching faculty

The University insists on gathering talents ranks by discipline construction and scientific and technological invention and has formed an influential at home and abroad , creative talents rank of advanced academic level. The outstanding representatives among the ranks include professor GU Anbang, the State model scientific and technological worker, winner of State first, second and thirdprize of scientific and technological progress; Professor Yi Zhijian, the first and second class candidates of State “Hundreds and thousands talents project ” in first batch of Chongqing , State youth-middle-aged experts of striking contribution; professor TANG Boming, professor ZHOU Zhixiang, professor WANG Pingyi and professor LIU Zhong , theState level candidates under “Hundreds and Thousands talents project ”;LIU Lun, the State second prize winner of State teaching achievement and first expert of key and big topic of Ministration of Education; professor XIE Huaijian, the second-prize winner of State teaching achievement .

At present there are over 1600 teaching staff on post of the University among whom there are over 900 full-time teachers, over 450 professors and associate professors and 500 teachers of master degree and doctor degree. There are 5 State-level candidates of “Hundreds and thousands talent project”, 2 State-level youth-middle aged experts of striking contribution and 43 experts entitled to special allowances of State Council and government; 4 first-class candidates of MOC “Ten-hundred-thousand talents project” ; 6 MOC“ Youth scientific and technological talents”; 12 academic and technological leading personnel of MOC and Chongqing Municipality and 16 candidates. In the University quantity of the top-level talents especially State-level talents is in front rank among the same type colleges and universities in Chongqing. In addition the University also has engaged 3 academicians of China Academy of Engineering as specially engaged professors as professor ZHENG Jielian, professor HAN Qiwei and LIANG Yincheng who come to the University for work and direct discipline and subjects construction and 100 famous foreign and national experts and scholars to work as part-time professors in the University.

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